EIT Alumni Startup Days 2016

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In 2016 we are organising the second edition of the EIT Alumni Startup Days taking place from 2-4 December 2016 in 6 European cities i.e. Barcelona, Berlin, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Paris and Stockholm.

We have moved to a new dedicated website so please go to startupdays.eitalumni.eu to learn more about this year’s edition and book your ticket!

Hurry up, early-bird tickets are almost gone!

Videos online!

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“Winners wanted” versus “We are all winners”

2 Weeks agao, 6.-8.11, the EIT Alumni Startup Days went awesome in all 5 locations!

Many thanks to all the participants, the many voluntary organizers, the Climate KIC-, EIT Digital- and KIC InnoEnergy Alumni Association as well as EIT Alumni – making the last 3 days to an overall success!


However, one week later the attacks in Paris tend to subvert our feelings of a cross European united community, commited towards exchange, openness and peaceful, mutal learning.

Nevertheless, we believe that these incidents have not the power to destroy what all persons involved in the Startup Days just experienced! We can spread our ideas, grow together as a strong network and help us tackle the real issues of our time: social inequality, climate change and irresponsible economies. And this not only in Europe, but worldwide.

After the Startup Days, we initially wanted to share the “first winners” of each location, in order to ask you to vote for the final “overall winning team”. Now, we decided that the event was more about our network and the increase of sustainable ideas – than about 1 winner. In fact, it may sounds “cheesy”, but we have been all winners;) Moreover, we did not wanted to start a social media campaign, while in that moment more important things were discussed online.

Therefore, we have uploaded the recorded pitches of each loacl winning team here and now you have the chance to watch them.

In each location, we had wonderful teams with ideas ranging from green mobility, to innovative solar pannel usage, to sharing economy business models and smart city solutions. And many more! However, in each location, one winning team convinced the local jury.

In Amsterdam, the “Magic Beans” make the food supply chain more efficient and sustainable by encouraging a self-growing community. Whereas in Barcelona, team “Trrrapperware” designs reusable and eco-friendly food-takeaway containers. Simultaneously in Berlin, “Clean Street Food” aims to make street food safe to consume by providing a clean street food cart. Moreover, the Parisian team “Orgaz” turns food waste from supermarkets into sellable electricity. Finally in Stockholm, team “Nomad” develops a Pay-Per-Use Furniture-Business that offers affordable furniture packages for students.

Seems as if food is the new, sustainable trend?!

On behalf of all organizers, many thanks to the more than 200 people that took part in the EIT Alumni Startup Days and best luck to all the teams!!

As participant, coach, mentor or jury member you can help us making the next event even better by providing feedback.


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Pay 20 € less for your accommodation in Amsterdam

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Are you travelling to Amsterdam for the EIT Alumni Startup Days?

We understand that finding shelter in Amsterdam for the weekend can be complicated and unaffordable. Therefore, we are offering you the chance to apply for a 20 € reimbursement as a contribution towards your accommodation expenses.

Please read the following terms and conditions and fill out the form below to apply for your 20 € reimbursement.

Terms and Conditions 

Participants of the EIT Alumni Startup Days in Amsterdam are eligible to apply for a 20 € reimbursement to cover a part of their accommodation costs.

The reimbursement can be granted only to participants that take part in the event, thus only purchasing a ticket for the EIT Alumni Startup Days does not automatically qualify you for a reimbursement.

Participants have to provide a proof of accommodation expenses, such as an invoice from a hostel/hotel, that is booked for the period of the event i.e. 6 November, 7 November or 8 November 2015 and belongs to the participant attending the event.

All efforts will be made to reimburse the participants as soon as possible after the event, and no longer than 30 days.

The organizers reserve the right to withhold reimbursement to participants that do not provide a proof of accommodation expenses or fail to meet the criteria on any other point set out in these terms and conditions.

Reimbursement Claim Form

And the winner is…

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Hi everyone,

today we are very proud to annouce the prizes that you can win at the EIT Alumni Startup Days in Berlin!
Thanks to our cooperation partners: Berlin Startup Academy, Impact HUB Berlin and Social Impact Lab as well as the Climate KIC Impact Academy, the first three winning teams will have the chance to win business support for their developed ideas!
Happily we annouce that the winning teams can win the following prizes.


1. Winner team: Overall winner

The winning team will take part in the “Design Thinking Workshop: Idea Reaming“, offered exclusively by the Berlin Social impact Lab on 25th and 26th November 2015.

Moreover, the team will participate in the two Impact Academy Workshops “Ideation” and “Business Workshop” at the Berlin Green Garage on the 13th November 2015 (9am- 6pm) .

The team can additionally register for the Climate Impact Academy Contest, competing for a full year of support and promotion from Climate-KIC Germany as well as a one-year membership at the Impact Hub Berlin.


2. Winner team: Best idea

The winning team “Best Idea” will win a 3 month “Connection Membership” at the Impact HUB Berlin.
The team can moreover register for the Climate Impact Academy Contest, competing for a full year of support and promotion from Climate-KIC Germany as well as a one-year membership at Impact Hub Berlin.

3. Winner team: Most innovative idea

The winning team “Most innovative idea” will win a 3 month “Connection Membership” at the Impact HUB Berlin.
The team can moreover register for the Climate Impact Academy Contest, competing for a full year of support and promotion from Climate-KIC Germany as well as a one-year membership at Impact Hub Berlin.

Finally, Christoph Räthke will choose out of the three winning teams, one team that additionaly wins a 1 month membership at the Berlin Startup Academy, providing free working space and mentoring from experienced coaches in Berlin.

You don´t have a ticket yet? Make sure you get the chance to win one of these prizes and register today: Get one of the last tickets here!!

Your organizer team is looking forward to rock the weekend with you;)

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5 reasons to launch your greentech startup in Paris

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Sustainable cities are the way of the future, and Paris is well aware. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should get a picture of what your future market will look like: it will look green.

To get ready for the EIT Alumni Startup Days in Paris, check out this 5 reasons Paris is a great place to launch a tech startup with a touch of green:

1) In 35 years Paris will become green… literally

The Paris Smart City 2050 project of the Mairie de Paris is part of the Climate Energy Plan of Paris that aims at reducing 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions within 2050. The architect Vincent Callebaut proposed 8 prototypes of high-rise buildings with plus-energy that integrate renewable and recyclable energy systems. What challenges and opportunities do you think that this futuristic Paris has for tech entrepreneurs?

Paris Smart City 2050 by Vincent Callebaut

2) Pick-Your-Own Farms are trendy!

There are 15 Pick-Your-Own Farms within 20km from the center of Paris where you can go to pick up your own fruits and vegetables! On top of this, the new trend of ordering fresh vegetables online directly from farms opens up diverse opportunities for entrepreneurs. What role do you think that technology plays into encouraging local food consumption?

People picking their own vegetables at “la Cueillette de Viltain” in Saclay, 20km from Paris

3) By 2030 the greater Paris region will connected by an automatic metro

The Grand Paris Express project “aims to be the city of the future: sustainable, creative and solidarity-based”. This new automatic metro that will be surrounding the greater Paris by 2030 is intended to “enable business clusters to take root while rebalancing the Paris region, opening it up to its more remote, isolated areas”. Among other benefits, it’s expected to reduce congestion and car pollution, combat urban sprawl and agricultural encroachment and promote the economic development of the Ile-de-France Region.

4) Paris-Saclay aims at becoming “the french Silicon Valley”

Top universities, research institutes and startups joined in the Paris-Saclay campus project to kick-off the innovation cluster of the Parisian region. How do you see yourself having ParisTech, INRIA and the HEC business school as your neighbors?

Campus Paris-Saclay project

5) The biggest incubator of the world is launching in Paris in 2016

The tech startups incubator 1000 startups will launch next year in Paris!t It will be the biggest in the world, counting with 34 000 m² of pure entrepreneurial talent. What will you pitch to get a spot as one of the founding teams?

Ready to kick-start your sustainability startup?

Join the EIT Alumni Startup Days in Paris, brainstorm and work on your next big idea, and get ready for the new shape of the Parisian market.

Meet the Berlin mentors, coaches and jury members

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We are happy to present our Berlin mentors, coaches and jury members!

All of them support us during the Berlin Startup Days, voluntarily, and will provide valuable feedback to the teams and their sustainable business ideas. Many thanks!

Starting with the jury members: Christoph Rätke, Daniel Hires and Scott Bolden will decide which team has the best business idea, regarding the business model, market fit, customer need and social/environmental impact. All of them are experienced in the Berlin startup field, but have different focuses. Christoph founded the Berlin Startup Academy (BSA) and supports startups that understand the market mechanisms and develop promising technologies. Daniel initiated the MakeSense hotspots in Berlin and currently further develops it into a social business, launching also the SenseCube social startup acceleration program. Finally,  Scott is the founder of Das Baumhaus Berlin, a social startup hub for exploring the various dimensions of sustainable development with his own PEACES (personal, ecologic, aesthetic, cultural, economic, social) framework.


Our mentors and coaches will support the teams during Saturday (7.11) afternoon and early Sunday (8.11) morning. Coming from the EIT community or being externals connected to the brought field of sustainable startups, they can give the teams feedback about the validity of their business ideas.

Christoph Baier, Carla Bormann and Ben Kaippallil are all founders of startups, which either occurred in the Climate KIC green garage or in the community’s surroundings.

Brigit Lack and Mark Möbius are both coaches from the EIT network. Since 2013, Brigit Lack is a business developer at EIT Digital, fostering digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial talents. Mark is an experienced Climate KIC coach, mentoring early stage startups and focusing on their presentation as well as prototype development.

Daniela Schiffer and Leon Rainer are externals, connected to the EIT network. Daniela co-founded the startup Changers.com in 2011, has a background in digital media arts and was/is closely involved with high-tech companies, specifically in the field of green energy and photovoltaics. Leon is a co-founder of the Impact Hub Berlin, developing – with his extensive network and passion for innovation and society – public and private partnerships for the Hub.

We are very excited that all of them will be around on the Startup Days, sharing their experience and knowledge with YOU!

Everyone interested in starting up a social/environmental business, project or non-profit is welcome! Either as part of one of the KICs (EIT Digital, Climate KIC, KIC InnoEnery) or external, who aims to connect to the extensive community!

So register and get one of the limited tickets now!


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Build (and be) a change for our Earth!

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

This short sentence offers the solution to any problem or challenge: collaboration.

Would you like to change the world, but you feel like it is such a huge and risky mission? Do you think no one cares or will help you? Do you have a brilliant idea that might help the environment or change how things are working nowadays? Then, this event is for you and, especially, you are the one for this event.

The event I am talking about is the “EIT Alumni Startup Days”, which will be held from the 6th till the 8th of November 2015 simultaneously in 5 European cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm. For the whole weekend, more than 250 participants across Europe will be involved in this ​experience, similar to a “Startup Weekend”, working on ideas and solutions related to sustainable development and climate change.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

The amazing thing is that, although the event is organized by EIT and, in particular, by the Alumni organization, it is open to everyone taking the challenge and willing to join. Therefore, this will be such a wonderful occasion to enjoy interesting networking with young people from different backgrounds (students, researchers, young entrepreneurs, startup managers), but all with a goal in mind: build (and be) a change.

And “networking” is the first thing this event can give you: collaboration, as previously said. Such a vital and international environment will surely boost the creation and the ideation of new sustainable solutions, inspiring the participants to share their knowledge and thoughts: these, starting as simple ideas, might be carried on by a group of people who could then build a startup or begin a new project.

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

Indeed, participants will start working together in mixed groups on Friday evening and will keep on working on their ideas and generate new ones along the whole weekend. They will pitch their business ideas and get feedback from special mentors and coaches working in the entrepreneurship / startup field, until they will have a final version of their “business”: this will consist of a Business Model and an analysis of the related market, the customer need and the social / environmental impact.

At the end of the weekend, the 3 best ideas will win a prize, which could be “hours” of co-working spaces (offered by EIT), special mentoring or, never know, they might get an initial investment to continue working on their idea.

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.
You create a new model and make the old one obsolete”
– Richard Buckminster Fuller

This event, as already said, is a wonderful opportunity to realize concrete ideas with an innovative but sustainable impact​: for several students it could be the perfect moment to put their entrepreneurial education into practice​, experiencing what the concept of “startup weekend” means and pushing their effort beyond the limits, hopefully building future businesses and teams​.

At the same time, this is an extraordinary situation to raise awareness on several facts. First, and most important, to discuss about the climate change and how to protect our environmentSecondly, to promote the KIC’s services, establishing new connections with accelerators, mentors and fostering the EIT initiatives.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Third, this is a great chance for KICs students to enhance cross-KIC collaboration and meet their fellow students from the other Masters. And, especially, it is a unique opportunity for external people to get to know how EIT and the KICs work, to receive information and get closer to the different Master Schools’ entrepreneurial and educational​ offers, to directly talk to (ex-)students, exchange opinions and maybe join the EIT community.

Last but not least, it is always a good excuse to have a great weekend with a bunch of international and young people 🙂 The participation fee is only 10 Euros for a limited time.  Food, beverages and mentoring will be served during the event!

So, what are you waiting for? Get immediately your tickets here!

“Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” – Seth Godin

Friday​ Saturday​ Sunday​
Morning​ Breakfast​ Breakfast​

Working on the ideas​

Talking to potential customers​

Working on the ideas​

Preparing the pitches

Midday​ Joint lunch​ Joint lunch​

Working on the ideas​

Support from the coaches​

Pitches in front of the jury

(live broadcast)​



Idea pitching​

Team building​

Working on the ideas​

Working on the ideas​ After party​


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