Meet the Berlin mentors, coaches and jury members

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We are happy to present our Berlin mentors, coaches and jury members!

All of them support us during the Berlin Startup Days, voluntarily, and will provide valuable feedback to the teams and their sustainable business ideas. Many thanks!

Starting with the jury members: Christoph Rätke, Daniel Hires and Scott Bolden will decide which team has the best business idea, regarding the business model, market fit, customer need and social/environmental impact. All of them are experienced in the Berlin startup field, but have different focuses. Christoph founded the Berlin Startup Academy (BSA) and supports startups that understand the market mechanisms and develop promising technologies. Daniel initiated the MakeSense hotspots in Berlin and currently further develops it into a social business, launching also the SenseCube social startup acceleration program. Finally,  Scott is the founder of Das Baumhaus Berlin, a social startup hub for exploring the various dimensions of sustainable development with his own PEACES (personal, ecologic, aesthetic, cultural, economic, social) framework.


Our mentors and coaches will support the teams during Saturday (7.11) afternoon and early Sunday (8.11) morning. Coming from the EIT community or being externals connected to the brought field of sustainable startups, they can give the teams feedback about the validity of their business ideas.

Christoph Baier, Carla Bormann and Ben Kaippallil are all founders of startups, which either occurred in the Climate KIC green garage or in the community’s surroundings.

Brigit Lack and Mark Möbius are both coaches from the EIT network. Since 2013, Brigit Lack is a business developer at EIT Digital, fostering digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial talents. Mark is an experienced Climate KIC coach, mentoring early stage startups and focusing on their presentation as well as prototype development.

Daniela Schiffer and Leon Rainer are externals, connected to the EIT network. Daniela co-founded the startup in 2011, has a background in digital media arts and was/is closely involved with high-tech companies, specifically in the field of green energy and photovoltaics. Leon is a co-founder of the Impact Hub Berlin, developing – with his extensive network and passion for innovation and society – public and private partnerships for the Hub.

We are very excited that all of them will be around on the Startup Days, sharing their experience and knowledge with YOU!

Everyone interested in starting up a social/environmental business, project or non-profit is welcome! Either as part of one of the KICs (EIT Digital, Climate KIC, KIC InnoEnery) or external, who aims to connect to the extensive community!

So register and get one of the limited tickets now!


Post: Lara Obst

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