5 reasons to launch your greentech startup in Paris

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Sustainable cities are the way of the future, and Paris is well aware. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should get a picture of what your future market will look like: it will look green.

To get ready for the EIT Alumni Startup Days in Paris, check out this 5 reasons Paris is a great place to launch a tech startup with a touch of green:

1) In 35 years Paris will become green… literally

The Paris Smart City 2050 project of the Mairie de Paris is part of the Climate Energy Plan of Paris that aims at reducing 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions within 2050. The architect Vincent Callebaut proposed 8 prototypes of high-rise buildings with plus-energy that integrate renewable and recyclable energy systems. What challenges and opportunities do you think that this futuristic Paris has for tech entrepreneurs?

Paris Smart City 2050 by Vincent Callebaut

2) Pick-Your-Own Farms are trendy!

There are 15 Pick-Your-Own Farms within 20km from the center of Paris where you can go to pick up your own fruits and vegetables! On top of this, the new trend of ordering fresh vegetables online directly from farms opens up diverse opportunities for entrepreneurs. What role do you think that technology plays into encouraging local food consumption?

People picking their own vegetables at “la Cueillette de Viltain” in Saclay, 20km from Paris

3) By 2030 the greater Paris region will connected by an automatic metro

The Grand Paris Express project “aims to be the city of the future: sustainable, creative and solidarity-based”. This new automatic metro that will be surrounding the greater Paris by 2030 is intended to “enable business clusters to take root while rebalancing the Paris region, opening it up to its more remote, isolated areas”. Among other benefits, it’s expected to reduce congestion and car pollution, combat urban sprawl and agricultural encroachment and promote the economic development of the Ile-de-France Region.

4) Paris-Saclay aims at becoming “the french Silicon Valley”

Top universities, research institutes and startups joined in the Paris-Saclay campus project to kick-off the innovation cluster of the Parisian region. How do you see yourself having ParisTech, INRIA and the HEC business school as your neighbors?

Campus Paris-Saclay project

5) The biggest incubator of the world is launching in Paris in 2016

The tech startups incubator 1000 startups will launch next year in Paris!t It will be the biggest in the world, counting with 34 000 m² of pure entrepreneurial talent. What will you pitch to get a spot as one of the founding teams?

Ready to kick-start your sustainability startup?

Join the EIT Alumni Startup Days in Paris, brainstorm and work on your next big idea, and get ready for the new shape of the Parisian market.

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