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“Winners wanted” versus “We are all winners”

2 Weeks agao, 6.-8.11, the EIT Alumni Startup Days went awesome in all 5 locations!

Many thanks to all the participants, the many voluntary organizers, the Climate KIC-, EIT Digital- and KIC InnoEnergy Alumni Association as well as EIT Alumni – making the last 3 days to an overall success!


However, one week later the attacks in Paris tend to subvert our feelings of a cross European united community, commited towards exchange, openness and peaceful, mutal learning.

Nevertheless, we believe that these incidents have not the power to destroy what all persons involved in the Startup Days just experienced! We can spread our ideas, grow together as a strong network and help us tackle the real issues of our time: social inequality, climate change and irresponsible economies. And this not only in Europe, but worldwide.

After the Startup Days, we initially wanted to share the “first winners” of each location, in order to ask you to vote for the final “overall winning team”. Now, we decided that the event was more about our network and the increase of sustainable ideas – than about 1 winner. In fact, it may sounds “cheesy”, but we have been all winners;) Moreover, we did not wanted to start a social media campaign, while in that moment more important things were discussed online.

Therefore, we have uploaded the recorded pitches of each loacl winning team here and now you have the chance to watch them.

In each location, we had wonderful teams with ideas ranging from green mobility, to innovative solar pannel usage, to sharing economy business models and smart city solutions. And many more! However, in each location, one winning team convinced the local jury.

In Amsterdam, the “Magic Beans” make the food supply chain more efficient and sustainable by encouraging a self-growing community. Whereas in Barcelona, team “Trrrapperware” designs reusable and eco-friendly food-takeaway containers. Simultaneously in Berlin, “Clean Street Food” aims to make street food safe to consume by providing a clean street food cart. Moreover, the Parisian team “Orgaz” turns food waste from supermarkets into sellable electricity. Finally in Stockholm, team “Nomad” develops a Pay-Per-Use Furniture-Business that offers affordable furniture packages for students.

Seems as if food is the new, sustainable trend?!

On behalf of all organizers, many thanks to the more than 200 people that took part in the EIT Alumni Startup Days and best luck to all the teams!!

As participant, coach, mentor or jury member you can help us making the next event even better by providing feedback.


Post: Lara Obst

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