EIT Alumni Start-up Days

EIT Alumni Start-up Days is a one of a kind event aimed at bringing together the current students and alumni from the various EIT KICs to share ideas, form teams, build product or service prototypes and initiated the start of new companies. This event is equally organized and funded by the alumni organizations of the various KICs, in direct cooperation with EIT.

This pan-European event is scheduled in the weekend of 6-8th Nov and will happen simultaneously in five cities across Europe. Participants can choose to participate in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris or Stockholm. This is one of the first events organized by the cross-KIC EIT alumni community.

During the Startup Days, the community from the three active KICs (Climate KIC, KIC InnoEnergy and EIT Digital) as well as external non-EIT participants will form teams to work on their own business ideas with a focus on sustainable development. The unique mixture of people, will bringing various competencies to the table such as software development, engineering, knowledge about sustainability issues or business creation skills.

In addition, the teams will be supported by mentors, who help to develop the first iteration of the business model for their ideas. At the end of the event, the teams pitch their ideas to a local jury and can win further support from the KICs on site. Moreover, an overall winning team will be announced.

Key information:

WHEN: 6th to 8th Nov 2015

WHERE: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm

WHO: Up to 60 participants per location


Event structure: 54 hours event

Participation fee: 10 Euros

Team size: ca. 4-7 people

One thought on “About

    Roger Browne said:
    October 21, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Well done and good luck everyone but nothing in West Midlands? Roger


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