Cooperation Partners

EIT Alumni Association & Three KICs & EIT

The EIT community thrives to become home to Europe’s future game changers. What better way to attract those game changers and take advantage of the great existing potential in the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) then bringing students and alumni together to work for one weekend on ideas that will make the world more sustainable through innovation? Welcome to the EIT Alumni “Startup Days”!

The “EIT Alumni Startup Days” is the first cross-KIC event, jointly organized by the Alumni Associations of all three KICs: Climate-KIC Alumni Association, EIT Digital Alumni, KIC InnoEnergy Community and EIT Alumni.

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The ticket prices are reinvested by 100% into the EIT Alumni Startup Days, as it is a non-profit event!


There are three overall objectives which motivate the organization of the Startup Days.

  • NETWORKING OF STAKEHOLDERS: The KICs knowledge triangle inherent potential can and should be further exploited, inside each KIC, between the KICs and with externals. Bringing the stakeholders (e.g. students, alumni, entrepreneurs, business creation officers, externals) of all KICs in contact with one another allows for the utilization of the innovation potential that has been aggregated.
  • RASISING AWARNESS: The KICs want to be Europe‘s most noticeable accelerators and education providers. The proposed start-up event supports the required marketing activity to make the KICs well known and to attract new students.  
  • REALIZATION OF IMPACT: The KICs have a clear mission of fostering innovation in key areas. Innovations that are required to transition to a more sustainable world. The Startup Days initiate the realization of business ideas that can impact the world we live in.


The Startup Days are a 54 hours event, where developers, business people, designers, researchers, start-up enthusiasts and eco-fans come together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch start-ups! Participants gain and learn in multiple ways.

  • EDUCATION: Learning through the act of creating. Instead of listening to theory, this event is about doing: Build, test and learn.
  • NETWORKING: By spending a weekend working on projects that solve real-world problems, long-lasting relationships are built and start-up ideas created.
  • CO-FOUNDER DATING: It’s not just about the idea, but about the team. This event allows to meet future co-founders.
  • ENHANCEMENT OF SKILL SET: Stepping outside of the comfort zone, letting creativity flow, learning a new programming language or just trying out something different, this event pushes limits.
  • LAUNCHING BUSINESSES: Over 36% of original Startup Weekend start-ups are still going strong after 3 months, 80% of participants plan on continuing their projects.
  • FACE TIME WITH LEADERS: Local tech, climate and start-up leaders participate in the event as coaches, mentors and judges.



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