Organizing Team

Lara Obst

based in Berlin, GE

Climate KIC Student

Philipp Hollberg

based in Stockholm, SW

KIC InnoEnergy Student 

Germán Leiva

based in Paris, FR

EIT Digital Alumni

Carla Griggio

based in Paris, FR

EIT Digital Alumni

Borce Stojkovski

based in Enschede, NL

EIT Digital Alumni

Prithvi Raj Narendra

based in Berlin, GE

EIT Digital Alumni

Laéna Nguyen

based in Berlin, GE

EIT Digital


Boris Nikolov

based in Eindhoven, NL

EIT Digital Alumni


Prageeth Jayathiss

based in Zurich, CH

Climate KIC Alumni Association

Maria Peeva

based in Wacheningen, NL

Climate KIC Alumni Association

Sanderine van Odijk

based in Amsterdam, NL

Climate KIC Alumni Association

Team Members: Bio

Please meet our team!

Organizing in five different countries, we are each responsible for one city and its event. However, we regularly  e-meet via skype and support all our efforts.

Being students and entrepreneurs, we all organize the EIT Alumni Startup Days voluntarily as we are Alumni from the three EIT KICs.

Borce Stojkovski /Local organizer in Amsterdam 

Being a young entrepreneur, Borce’s experience includes running a high-tech company in the translation and localization sector. He enjoys multi-perspective views on prescient topics and is committed to the cause of positioning Europe at the forefront of ICT innovation.

As EIT Digital Master School graduate, he worked for his final project within the “Human-Computer Interaction and Design” track in the domain of realistic training in virtual reality environments. Moreover, he participated in a number of business challenges, winning a prize for his product concept in the domain of “Intelligent Transport Systems and Services”.


Boris Nikolov / Local organizer in Amsterdam 

Having extensive experience in a multinational company upfront his master in EIT Digital Service Design and Engineering major, Boris’ background includes supporting and improving business processes in the domain of logistics and execution. In addition, Boris is currently working on a startup idea together with another EIT Digital alumni student and thus, he is an integral part of the startup culture in both the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

For his graduation project, Boris became part of Philips Innovation Group where he worked on a project in the domain of food safety to analyse data and processes in order to ensure reduced food waste and sustainability.

Boris Nikolov

Jennifer Carrasco / Local organizer in Barcelona 

Jennifer holds an master in “Engineering” and in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and is an alumni from KIC InnoEnergy. She could gain startup experience during her work at the KIC’s statups “Enerbyte”.

Jennifer is looking forward to make sustainability cool and reaching the mainstream! Therefore, she is writing with her colleague the blog: sustainactbility, where one can discover amazing projects, stories and ideas providing sustainable solutions to our planet.


Lara Obst / Local organizer in Berlin

Lara is an active Startup Weekend organizer, writing on her blog Kulturnett about culture, innovation and start-ups and involved in various Berlin-based sustainable entrepreneurship networks, as e.g. MakeSense Berlin.

As Climate KIC student, she is currently finishing the Double Master Program “Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship” (TU Berlin/University of Twente) and writes her master thesis about the measurement of sustainability performance of startups and smaller companies. Holding a Bachelor in “Art and Culture Management”, she is constantly searching for the golden path to connect society, environment and economy.


Laéna Nguyen / Local organizer in Berlin

Laéna is a knowledge enthusiast that believes in a multi-disciplinary approach on the sustainability challenges. Among the areas that draw her interests, is the legal side of technologies. Her current involvement is on smart grid communication for renewables energy.
She graduated in Computer Science (UPMC-Sorbonne University) and holds a law degree from Panthéon-Assas University. As an EIT Digital Master School student, Laéna majored in Internet Technology and Architecture. She is currently finishing her Double Master Program in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering.

Ana Carolina Alex / Team support in Berlin

Carolina is the president of the student initiative START-Berlin e.V., the leading Berlin initiative that inspires and supports entrepreneurship among students. She is keen about entrepreneurship and fascinate by the clean tech industry. During various working experiences in the field of Marketing and Sales, she learned how start-ups have to position themselves in the current markets, using social media strategy, content marketing and branding campaign planning.
She is currently finishing her Climate KIC master label and master program “Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship”.

Philipp Hollberg / organizer in Barcelona and Stockholm

Philipp is the initiator and one of the core organizers of the first EIT Alumni Startup Days. He has a passion for combining sustainability and entrepreneurship always with the goal in mind of creating a positive impact. Motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit Philipp has co-founded a NGO in Ghana and the start-up vonPappe, obtained training in Design Thinking and collaborated for his Master thesis with the start-up SOLshare in Bangladesh in implementing swarm grids.  Philipp is excited that the idea of bringing all the great potential inside the different KICs together for 54 hours and is eager to see which new business ideas will be born at the EIT Alumni Startup Days and implemented in the future.


Prithvi Raj Narendra / Local organizer in Stockholm

Prithvi Raj Narendra is the Events Officer of the EIT ICT Labs Alumni Foundation’s board. Prithvi graduated from the first cohort of the EIT ICT Labs Master School in the “Embedded Systems” track.

Currently Prithvi is working as a freelancer in Berlin for a start-up, developing the wireless embedded system. He is conversant with Embedded Systems design and Bluetooth Low Energy Technology in particular. Prithvi has experience in various projects such as camera payload development in small satellite, development of gadgets for wildlife researchers and development of micro power grid. Prithvi is interested in working on projects which are a fusion of embedded systems and sustainability.


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